Come ready to dig in and get hands-on experience with this seminar designed for entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, and more. If you are trying to figure out the crazy work of branding and strategy this is a great first stop.

Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat, Oh My! The social media realm can seem a bit overwhelming and scary but this workshop will have you snapping your heels together and believing, “There’s no place like Instagram!”

Content is Queen! Consumers build trust, loyalty and desire with strong content. We will help you get set-up and started on a blogging strategy that won’t have you tearing your hair out.

Ever wonder how the wild world of digital marketing works and how to get your hat in this ever popular ring? We will put all of the pieces together for you from creating a campaign through tracking results.


 (Instagram, SnapChat, Make a Budget)

Learn the ends and outs of different aspects of branding, marketing, social media and more with our “How Do I…” mini-courses. Keep an eye out for new options coming soon!

When you are ready to step up your images a notch, this mini-course is perfect. Learn the basics of Photoshop (and a few other tools that can help!)

A Marketing Guide for Companies that have been around awhile

Once the new-business smell wears off, many business owners start to panic or simple stop doing anything (because of lack of time, motivation, or planning.) We can help you put together strategies that make sense once you have some name recognition.

Do you have an idea and want to figure out what the steps to get customers? Maybe you are already working hard on your company but haven’t had the time to focus on marketing and building your brand? If you are in startup mode, this is your bag.

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